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To protect the hot section gas turbine components Turbine Efficiency apply IP1041. Used on Nickel based components the coating imparts high temperature oxidation resistance and sulphidation protection. We can also apply a multi layered diffusion coating using the IP1041.


Above: Comparison between SGT-200 CT2 Segment & a Large Power Turbine Segment

A slurry applied coating which prolongs serviceable life of component with application by spray. Diffused slurry aluminide coating with a unique silicon-enriched outer layer. It is effective in protecting gas turbine hot section components at temperatures up to 1093°C.

  • Excellent resistance to both high and low temperature hot corrosion (LTHC and HTHC)
  • Excellent resistance to high temperature oxidation
  • Excellent resistance to particulate erosion
  • Compatibility with most nickel and cobalt based
  • Superalloys, as well as austenitic stainless steels

Above: SGT-100 HP & LP Components Coated with IP 1041

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