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Turbine Efficiency offers a comprehensive range of high performance technologies that will improve blade efficiency and reduce the fouling rate of your compressor.


Turbine Efficiency provide protection to gas turbine components with IP9183-R1 Sacrificial Aluminide coating. Spray applied Ipcote is used, on turbine blades, rotors, casings and shafts to protect components from salt laden atmospheres, high temperature oxidation, chemicals and abrasives.

As a Topcoat layer to the 9183-R1, Turbine Efficiency use IP9444 Smoothseal or our own TELXG as an inorganic protective. Smoothseal cures to provide a smooth finish to improve dirt shedding and air flow properties. The sacrificial aluminide coatings are conductive, and inherently porous. Smoothseal and TELXG seals this porosity without detracting from their sacrificial properties. It also creates an electrically non-conductive barrier coat.

As a final upgrade to the standard IP9444 or TELXG, Turbine Efficiency applies a final Chrome Free seal coat. The application of GWS as the final layer improves the function of the sealer coat. The GWS system produces a surface profile of <10 Ra @ 0,003” cut off compared to ~20 Ra for the original sacrificial coating systems.

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