Coatings & Repair Centre

With our repair procedures being Failure Mode & Effects Analysis based, it enables us to priortise crucial tasks and assess the safety and longevity of your gas turbine engine(s).


The rejuvenation technology and processes that we use, breaths new life into life expired blades, by re-aligning the molecular structure of a metal blade to reset to an ‘as new’ condition. This can offer at least one new life cycle of use.

DS Blades & Single Crystal rejuvenation are now both available to support your gas turbine life extension, at the repair & coating centre we can offer advanced techniques & repairs, reducing your costs without effecting the quality.

Our Coatings & Repair Centre specialise in component repair and refurbishment of Siemens (Ruston TA, TB) SGT100, 200 & 300 engine component including flame tunes, nozzle guide vanes and other turbine parts.

Also experienced in other engine ranges including Dresser Rand, Rolls Royce, GE & Solar

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