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With over 70 years’ experience in component repair & coating.

Using our TEL range of coatings, we can offer aluminium filled ceramic in an inorganic binder and also a slurry applied diffusion aluminide for hot section components ensuring that the part can endure the extreme temperatures and environments that exist in stationary industrial gas turbines.


Key characteristics are: protection against corrosion and erosion which has been improved with Turbine Efficiency's new TELXG and GWS combination. Diffusion coatings offering high temperature resistance for Gas Turbine hot section part up to 1000 degree C.

Above: Burnished IGV’s awaiting TELXG Seal Coat

Continued development with our suppliers, Indestructible Paints is enabling us to provide solutions ensuring your engine is protected in all environments.

Above: Power Turbine Nozzle Upgrade with IP 1041

Above: Bladed Casing with GWS Upgrade

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