We can reduce your costs & maximise performance

Turbine Efficiency Coatings & Repair Centre can reduce your costs & maximise performance, as well as on the Siemens™ SGT and Solar™ legacy fleets, but also on a wide range of other Industrial Gas Turbines, including Aeroderivative and Large / Heavy Frame Turbines. We also have considerable experience of Steam Turbine rotor coating and repairs

Here are just some of the Frame 9E Row 3 Stator Blades that we have recently worked on in the new facility. These blades are from a heavy industrial engine and in just 13 working days these were received, coated and shipped back to the customer, using indestructible paints Ipcote and Ipseal which was made to the customer's specification.

Get in touch with Paul Holder, our Head of Coating & Repair for more information on this and our other services.